Committee Descriptions

Can’t decide what committee to dedicate your volunteer time?

Look through these descriptions and see where your expertise lies. We need you! A detailed sign-up will be posted soon.

RIDE RIGHT : Works closely with the Altoona Street Department, the Public Safety Committee, Polk County Engineers and the DOT.  Volunteers will conduct safety seminars for residents, and promotes RIDE RIGHT the day of RAGBRAI.

Shuttle Service: Assists with arranging transportation from the campgrounds to entertainment, food service and showers.  Assist with route schedules and recruiting drivers, hosts and hostesses.  Committee volunteers work closely with the Public Safety Committee and Altoona law enforcement officers

Beverage Garden: Assist with organizing, coordinating and volunteering at the Beverage Garden. Volunteers are NOT allowed to drink alcoholic beverages prior to or while on duty. Volunteers need to watch for excessive alcohol consumption and refuse to serve anyone in this condition.

Campgrounds: Works with the Showers, Sanitation & Recycling committee to arrange shower and restroom locations. Assists with vehicle parking and possible off-site camping., Works closely with the Housing Committee.

Communications: Assists with the coordination of all communications during RAGBRAI. Volunteers with a knowledge of communication equipment capabilities is desired.

Electrical: Electric service is important for the campgrounds, entertainment, and food and beverage sevice. Electricians are needed to coordinate the electrical needs during RAGBRAI.

Entertainment and Special Events: Assists with the coordination of all entertainment, from special rider involvement to bands.

Food & Vendors: Assists with the coordination of all food vendors. This committee serves as the clearinghouse for churches, civic groups, fraternal organization and local establishments that want to serve food.

Hospitality: Involves the community in a welcome and farewell for RAGBRAI. Helps to promote Altoona as well as the beautification of our community. Assists with the sales of T-shirts. Works closely with the Publicity Committee.

Housing: Assists with the coordination and arrangement of private home stays and special camping needs for riders. This committee works closely with the Campgrounds Committee.

Information Center: The Information Center is the “hub” for information and Altoona’s activities/events during RAGBRAI. Volunteers are needed to direct riders/visitors to various locations and events during RAGBRAI. This committee works closely with the Hospitality Committee to provide roaming “ASK ME” information ambassadors that walk the campgrounds and greet riders.

Publicity: Assists and coordinates press releases to the media to generate local interest. Produces the T-shirts and logos for Altoona. Works closely with the Hospitality Committee.

Showers, Sanitation & Recycling: Assists with the coordination of providing adequate showers for the riders. Plans for the trash and recycling collection.

Volunteers: Assist with coordinating total community involvement.