Hey!! Have you signed up to volunteer yet? Time is running out to join in this Epic event.

Once you sign up – here is the scoop…

Volunteer Orientation Sessions – mark your calendar!!


Make plans to attend one of our RAGBRAI Altoona Volunteer Orientation sessions. You will need to attend to find out the details of your assignment and to receive your volunteer t-shirt. The sessions are held on the following dates at the SE Polk Senior High School Auditorium:

Wednesday, July 13th at 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Sunday, July 24th at 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.

When volunteers check-in, they must sign a waiver before picking up their Volunteer T-shirt. Download a waiver by clicking the link above. It is an editable pdf – please fill out and bring to the meeting.

A Power Point will be presented on the screen and a Podium will be set up for the Committee Members to provide important details about July 27th to all the Volunteers.

ALL COMMITTEE MEMBERS SHOULD PLAN TO BE AVAILABLE TO PRESENT THEIR PORTION OF INFORMATION ON ALL 3 PRESENTATIONS AND TO MEET individually with their volunteers in a break out session if necessary for your committee.

If you have questions, please contact your committee chair or email us at Altvolunteers72711@gmail.com

What are YOU doing on July 27?

We hope you are helping with RAGBRAI’s overnight visit—either that day, the day after, or in the days leading up to the ride. There are lots of jobs—we need YOU to help get it done.

Wondering what you can do? Afraid you can’t get the time off that day? It’s okay, there is a spot for everyone.

  • Volunteers will be needed the night before riders arrive to put up signs and organize campgrounds and other sites.
  • Volunteers will be needed in the weeks before to help clean up the route and campground sites and make sure Altoona is spik and span for the day the riders come
  • Volunteers will be needed the day of to do everything from offer directions to serving beer and 1,000 things in between
  • Volunteers can sign up on their own, or bring a group of friends and family
  • Shifts will be available the day before, throughout the day of, from morning til night, and the day after the event. There will be a time for anyone who wants to help!

Training will be offered for many positions. If you have questions, email Altvolunteers72711@gmail.com.

Click HERE to go to the Volunteer Online Sign-up page today!

More details about the committees you can join:  click HERE.


19 Responses to Volunteers

  1. Sue Jorgensen says:

    I’m a 20 yr RAGBRAI rider not riding this year. I’m proud to show off Altoona. Put me down to help.

  2. Terry H says:

    Willing to help. Feel free to contact me 515-883-0400.

  3. Sara Dreyer says:

    Let me know where you need me and I will be a helper. :)

  4. Terry H says:

    Interested in helping out….let me know.

  5. Diana Hall says:

    I am so excited!! Let me know what I can do to help!!

  6. Lori Slings says:

    Hey way to go Altoona. Let me know how I can help!!

  7. Lori Slings says:

    I am so excited for Altoona!!!

  8. Lisa Brown says:

    I would like to volunteer or help in any way I can!

  9. Melinda Cataldo says:

    I would also love to help!!

  10. Kim Byers says:

    Very much interested in being involved. Would love to help with planning, etc. Sign me up. This is huge.

    • admin says:

      Yep – its gonna be huge! Stay tuned to this site – more details will be posted as we get them. Thanks, Kim!

  11. Rick Shissler says:

    Put me on the list to help as well. Can’t wait to get started.

  12. Eric Crabb says:

    will be riding but would be intereseted in helping plan. Congratulations, cant wait to show off our community!!

    • admin says:

      Awesome! I will put you on the list to contact once we nail down some details. Thanks so much!!

      Julie West

  13. Dale Anderson says:

    i will help

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