Main Campground Map

The main campground is located at Sam Wise Youth Complex, 8th St. SE and 8th Ave. SE. The other smaller campgrounds are located at Lions Park, 13th Av. & 4th St. SW and near the Altoona Campus, 1500 8th St. SW

Click on the map below to download a pdf of the main campground. (13.5 mb)


3 Responses to Main Campground Map

  1. Maryanne Senko says:

    I and the one biker will be in a 26ft RV class C or over size mini van.
    We need to plugin and water where the park we go to? Thank you
    We both been to Ragbrai many time.

  2. admin says:

    Plans are still being made. We’ll post the details as soon as they are all determined. According to the official RAGBRAI website, they won’t announce all the route details until mid-March. If we get the news sooner, though, we will post it. Come back often!

  3. Leia says:

    Has it been decided where the main camping and lodging area will be? Are they planning on using the Sam Wise Youth Complex?

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